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Boarding & Doggie Daycare

Are you looking for a safe, fun, and loving place for your dog while you’re away on vacation or traveling for work? DogHouse Kennels offers overnight boarding as your dog’s home away from home.  The DogHouse is the perfect place for dogs that love to run, play, socialize, and just be dogs.  Or, if you have an older pet that doesn't like to mingle with the others, they will get plenty of one on one time too. Our special environment (in the country) will leave your dog all tuckered out at the end of their stay, so that you can enjoy a calm household when you return from your trip! All dogs boarding at The DogHouse can take advantage of our full daycare schedule. We charge by the day, so you may pick up anytime of the day, whether in the morning (if you can’t wait to see your buddy) or the afternoon (for one last full day of play) or in the evening.  A flat fee of $25 for a single dog, per day, (plus tax), for two or more dogs from the same family, $20 per dog, per day, (plus tax). Unfortunately, we are unable to take Guard dogs.  Just make arrangements ahead of time and we will accommodate your needs. Example one dog:  Drop off one dog on Friday and pick up Sunday afternoon. Boarding Fee: Three days, $75 + tax, Two dogs from same family, drop off on Friday and pick up Sunday afternoon: Boarding Fee: Three days, $120 + tax.




We have three large outdoor play/exercise areas that allow your dog to run!  Plus we have a large indoor socialization/play area.


The DogHouse has spacious,

play areas and kennels with

indoor/outdoor runs.







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Doggie Daycare

While your pet is boarding with us or hanging out in our doggie day care, they'll get lots of attention.  Our goal is to provide the best possible care in a professional, safe, clean and loving environment. Be assured, your dog will be social and safe whether you are away for a few hours, the day, or longer.


Professional caregivers that aim to give your dog

 a vacation as great as yours!

Boarding Fees

One dog Boarding per dog, per day:  $25 + tax

Two or more dogs from same family:

$20 per dog, per day + tax

Proof of Vaccination required at time of admission

(see forms to download and complete)

Unfortunately, we are unable to take Guard Dogs

What to bring for your Pet
To help keep your pet comfortable, we recommend that you bring:
  • Their dog food, to keep them on the same diet for their digestive system. Please provide food in a plastic, labeled container.

  • Bedding for familiar smells and comfort

  • Special toys for play time.

  • Vaccine Records

  • Pills (medications) administered as needed

Boarding - Sleep Overs

Whether you are going on vacation or taking a business trip, we will give your dog lots of individual attention and exercise... and your dog will be treated like one of our own!  We live on site so your dog will get bed time biscuits and tuck-ins, unlimited playtime and lots of TLC.






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